Site Rating:
H2 w/observer, P3
USHPA and Hyner club membership:
Paperwork Required:
Hyner Club Waiver
Type of Soaring:
Ridge, thermals
XC Potential:
Access to Launch:
Dirt road, 4WD
Launch Condition:
Shallow slope, grassy
LZ Condition:
9 to 1
Launch Location/Elev:
McElhattan, PA
1,170' AGL
NNW (345°)
Open if accompanied by club guide
Special Instructions:
Requires at least 5 mph wind to launch. Many people prefer to land in longer fields across the river instead of the campground: ask for best choice.
Local Contact:
Aron Lantz
(570) 560-6154
revised Feb 2023

Club members are sent detailed site guides. These sites should not be flown without a briefing from a club member appropriate to the season. Contact the club for more information.