In order to fly all Hyner sites, the following must apply: 

  • Pilot (HG/PG) must be a current member of USHPA and provide proof (card)
  • Pilot must be at least a H2/P2 (H2/P2 need an Observer)
  • Sign and witness application/waiver and submit with payment to a Club Officer
  • Received sticker and placed on helmet


Click below for the Hyner Club Application/Waiver in your preferred format, which will need to be filled out and signed, then either mailed or scanned and emailed. (Non-pilots must also sign the club waiver):

  • In order to fly The SAC! you must fill out and sign the Launch and LZ waiver in addition to the Hyner Application.
Membership type:

Waivers can also be obtained from club officers during events.

Please fill out all lines, sign and send the application along with dues and a self-addressed envelope to:

Hyner Hang Gliding Club, Inc
2523 Nolt Road
Lancaster, PA 17601