Q: When is a good time to see pilots flying at Hyner?
A: The best time would be during our Events Calendar  held during the year.  Other than those events, pilots generally fly at Hyner on occasion when the weather permits.


Q: Can I learn to fly a hang glider or paraglider at Hyner View?
A: No, Hyner View is only for experienced pilots rated under the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.


Q: Where can I learn to hang glide or paraglide?
A: Follow the link "Learn to Fly" to find a school near you.


Q: How high do the gliders get at Hyner View?
A: Gains of 10,600' above launch, (12,550' MSL) have been recorded but is very rare.  Gains of a couple hundred feet to 5,000' happen often.  Altitude gains depends on conditions and pilot's skill.


Q: How long do they stay up?
A: Sometimes as long as they want.  Other times only a few minutes.  Again, depends on conditions and pilot's skill.


Q: How do they steer the gliders?
A: By shifting their weight. Whatever direction you want to go simply lean towards that direction.


Q: Are gliders expensive? 
A: New gliders can cost anywhere from $3,500 to $6,000.  Used gliders in good shape can run around $1,000.


Q: Do the pilots carry parachutes?
A: Absolutely.  Parachute deployment is very rare but every pilot is required to carry one by USHPA.


Q: Where is the best place for a family to watch hang gliding and paragliding?
A: Hyner View, of course!  Hyner is the highest site in PA, the scenery in Clinton Co. is breath-taking, there are picnic tables, grills and bathrooms at the view for people to spend the whole day enjoying this terrific sport.  See ya at Hyner!