Information for H2s and P2s

Since the Hyner View launch is a scenic overlook on government property with often dozens of onlookers, it is important to keep all our flying by-the-book and needless to say, as accident free as possible. Though the slope launch is one of the most forgiving in the country, the landing field is narrower than most pilots are used to, and can become perilously thermally active in the afternoon. For these reasons we do not allow Hyner to be among the first mountain flights for H2/P2 pilots, and suggest several competent landings in other more open mountain sites before transitioning to Hyner.

The way you interface with observers depends on your amount of Hyner experience.

And of course, recognize that the observers are giving their time and often crimping their schedule to accommodate you. They are happy to do so, all that is asked is some appreciation.

Hyner Hang Gliding Observers

Brian Vant-Hull(917)318-4481(917)-318-4481brianvanthull@yahoo.comNew York, NY
Will Perez(570)419-4564(570)494-1954perwill1@comcast.netWilliamsport, PA
Tom Gartlan(717) 507-3451(717) 861-5550o2soar@earthlink.netAnnville, PA
Joe Gorrie(570) 648-2876Gorriejoe@aol.comKlingerstown, PA
Karen Gorrie(570) 648-2876Gorriejoe@aol.comKlingerstown, PA
Leo Higley(814) 331-6899(814) 225-3431higleys@pennswoods.netEldred, PA

Hyner Paragliding Observers

Mike Hennig (609) 677-9559mike.hennig@gmx.netEgg Harbor, NJ
Steve Van Eerden(814)-594-3886sjvaneerden@gmail.comEmporium, PA